September 4, 2009

Randy's IM Louisville

Okay, so here's Randy's IM Louisville race report. Before you read it I must mention, that yes, it is long but also funny! And as for the longness, yep you could actually call it a book...Randy said beforehand, how do all of these people write such long race reports? I doubt I can even write a paragraph about the race...well, looks like we unleashed a race report animal! Congrats again on a great race Randy, PR of 11:05.0!!!

Ironman Louisville, KY

Race Report:

Morning of, I didn’t have to worry about being nervous. Amanda was doing that for me I don’t think I had ever seen her this worked up for even her own races. In fact she was so worked up it made me relax and laugh. Arriving at transition people were buzzing running around. I walked casually, no need to hurry this morning. Bike was already racked, and with a time trial start what is the rush. It was a little over a 1mile walk to the swim start. Once again I was in pimp walk mode (Amanda was racing) I slowed her down several times. Then it hit me the smell of marks a-lot markers and porta potties! LOVE IT-Race time!

After getting Marked, I headed over to the stink/porta potty line. Did the pre-game ya know……… Norman Bradsher (was great to see another Okie in the crowd) found me and gave me a pep talk. The national anthem was played by a bugle guy, then he rattled out the medley same you’d hear at the Horse Track probably one of the most unique race starts I have been part of. This Ironman start was slightly different than others; it was a time trial start. Athletes were guided to a boat dock, and every 3 seconds 4 athletes dove into the Ohio River and began their journey. Sort of like cattle I was put in line, made it to the ramp got my goggles on and everyone around me all caught up in the moment excited, and started jogging down the ramp. I looked up and splash I was in the river. The river wasn’t the worst water I had been in, but was weird to see your entire arm disappear during each stroke. In Lubbock, TX I learned a trick of running in the water (which is legally swimming) if the water is shallow enough to allow it. About 800 meters in I noticed a fella standing up, so I thought why not, I took off running passing people left and right, then BAM!!!!!! A tree had fallen over and was completely submerged, both quads found it!!! Then this dude in a kayak says, “There is a log there”. I politely replied, “Thanks”. No more running during this swim. In pre-race Amanda and I discussed strategy the ways of the current in the river; I swung wide into the channel, and headed toward Joes Crab Shack. I felt great, I though for sure a PR Swim, ha wrong! 1hr 17min, however it felt good. Exiting the water Luke Hooper and Amanda were waiting; I took a big gulp of water rinsing my mouth of river funk, and with a grin spit the water at Hoop and Amanda. It is now bike time.

Making my way into transition was so much easier than I had imagined, the volunteers were so awesome! (At this point I would like to point out Louisville Volunteers are the absolute best I have ever encountered, every single one I had an interaction with made me feel like I was the only athlete they cared about! Hats off to Louisville!!!) My transition bag was right there waiting on me. Into the changing tent, if there was a negative thought in my mind at this point it was quickly erased by a naked old dude of 60+ with a jar of Vaseline yelling, “Vaseline anyone?”. I giggled a bit and sat down put on my helmet sipped a Power Bar Gel (Thanks POWER BAR!!!) Then out of the tent and onto the bike.

Biking in Louisville, I had been warned by one of the best coaching staffs in triathlon (Lifesport Coach Paul Regensburg) to take the first half easy because it is uphill out to La Grange. This is exactly what I did. Although I was still passing several folks I kept the heart rate steady. This race course is shaped like a lollipop; you ride out to the top do 2 loops then come back. On this loop you are either going up or going down, not much flat anything. As I entered the first water stop on the loop I had realized I had way over hydrated in my days leading up to the race(my first attempt to pee while riding failed) so I pull in and park the bike and into the plastic toilet I go. I pee like a champ! Back to business I make it about half way to the next stop and it hit me again, so I try to pee off the bike, I mean how hard this can be, I had already seen 2 others do it. I stopped at 2 more porta stops. Now when the pee bug hit me the 4th time I refused to get off the bike and sure enough there it went right down the leg, on the bike, maybe on the bottom water bottle and as crowded as it was I am sure on a few folks behind me, sorry bout that. But wow what an accomplishment! I PEE”D off the bike! So I stuck to my conservative first lap plan, and the second lap I am hammering, hitting a hill on the far end of La Grange loop, I hit the base of a steep climb, threw the bike chain off the bike right at the bottom of the hill. This didn’t faze me a bit, I just hopped off the bike fixed it and began to proceed. This was the first time I have ever utilized a special needs bag, for those who don’t know this is a bag at the half way point you can put whatever you want in. My choice was a 20oz Diet Dr. Pepper and a Vanilla Latte-Starbucks. That’s right a coffee, and no there were now bowel issues with the milk. On my second loop, Amanda found me, and cheered me on.

The last 25 or so miles was absolutely a blast it was hammernation!!!

Arriving into transition I felt great, the plan up to this point in each discipline was executed perfectly. On the bike I only threw 1 crucial bottle of nutrients so I was still confident in the day. For those that have not done an Ironman M-dot, you don’t rack your bike you hop off and throw it to a volunteer that takes your bike to the rack. Down the run chute I went, there I was handed my transition bag, the volunteer laughed and asked if I had anything in it. Apparently some folks had packed their kitchen sink in theirs. This year I decided to do the entire event in on race suit, no changing. I slipped on my shoes grabbed my Salt Stick Pills and out the tent I went.

I felt way too good mile 1 of the run, my split on mile was 7:01, this was not my pace so I eased up and began to focus on control. This course was extremely spectator friendly, it was a 2 loop course that circled downtown Louisville out to near Churchill Downs and back to Downtown. Luke and Amanda had positioned themselves at a point where they could cheer me on at several locations. I felt great and settled into my run pace. Just about a half a mile from the half way point I had poured a cup of water over my head and felt something bouncing in my back pocket. It was at this point I had realized I hadn’t taken in any sodium at all for the first half of the run, crucial error. The fatigue and cramping of the legs began to settle in over the next few miles. Amanda had slapped on the “smiley face” racing suit and hopped on her bike for run course support. She kept popping up all over the run course yelling “words”, I am so glad she was there because this last lap hurt real bad. As we headed out to the turn around point Jason (a friend also racing) was approximately one minute or so ahead of me, he yelled “catch me”. He wasn’t being taunting, in fact we had talked about teaming up on the run and using each other on the run. I reviewed all my vitals, heart rate is good, Mind is good, breathing is good, I was set to make a surge only one area of my body disagreed, the legs. My legs were going the only speed they were going to go for the rest of the day. Even though the pain was great, quit never entered my mind, I have raced many races and never felt this sense of awareness to stay on track. Approaching the downtown area there was tall building with a dome on top. This was the sign the finish line was nearing. About 1 mile out the crowds were thickening, people I had no idea who they were, chanting go “RANDY!” They know me I am famous!!!!(Not really my name was neatly printed on my race bib #) but I felt like a movie star! I rounded the corner onto 4th street and another racer moved over to my right shoulder; from somewhere inside a burst of energy came to me. I shot that energy to my legs and took off; he couldn’t match my last minute kick. The music was super loud and motivating the guitar hanging over the Hard Rock CafĂ©, the sound of Mike Reilly “Randy Sadler YOU ARE IRONMAN!!!” Through the finish chute!!!
Another volunteer caught me at the end, handed me the best Twist Up I have ever had in my life, and a finisher’s metal. My race was done. I was escorted to the massage/medical area. Jessica took me right in and worked me over for the post-race massage. Rocky Chen a fellow Okc’er came over to congratulate me. Amanda went to the car while I was getting pampered to get me some regular clothes. This is when I get a lil goofy!!!! The chills managed to hit me, I was freezing cold, and on the other side of the room I saw people with blankets. Asking a nurse for a blanket, she noticed me shivering she asked if I needed fluids, I said nope just a blanket. She said well your shirt is wet; I agreed with her and again asked for a blanket. Her next response was, “well take it off and dry off”. My mind couldn’t process what to do next. I knew it was a good idea but for some reason wasn’t able to get to the next step. A blanket was provided I stripped down to shorts and wrapped up. Found me a nice place in a corner and waited until Amanda came in with dry clothes. I was happy. I wasn’t hungry but we decided on Mexican food. We left the race site and after collecting my bike and other items from transition downtown restaurants were closed!!! We settled for hamburgers and coffee at Denny’s!!! The Mexican food will have to wait!

The next day, I signed up for Ironman Canada, looks like I will do this at least 1more time!!!

By the way Jason Sieber ended up 9th overall in his division and totally smoked that course, this was his first ironman!!! Awesome Job man!!!

Special thanks to:

Luke Hooper for flying out to help us out on our tough day!


Amanda, thanks for helping me through it all!!!! I couldn’t have done it all or been a VIP without ya!! Love you mucho!!!!!!!!

And to all those who sent out lil chats of support!!! Thanks!!! I have the best friends and family one could ever want in a lifetime!!!!!

Thanks Randy

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