September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a great weekend! Randy and I got to spend lots of time together and do tons of fun stuff...some of the highlights:

Saturday: Ran a 5K and won a grill!! And ran a PR :) Since I've already got a grill, this one is sitting in the living room. I'm taking bids if anyone needs a super nice new grill! After the run, I had a solid ride and then the rest of the afternoon was spent watching football, can't believe college football season is underway!

Sunday: Got some awesome training in...then bought Randy's dad some sweet skis...and finished off the night with the mexican dinner Randy has been craving since his IM.

Monday: Woke up and fixed a feast of a breakfast. Don't worry I didn't eat all of it...well, almost :)
Then watched the Oudin vs Petrova match. I was so excited watching Oudin rally back, such an inspiration and both girls really toughed it out. Can't wait to watch the quarterfinals!!!

After their match, sprayed the apartment because there are WAY too many spiders roaming around...and then it was off to the mountains for the afternoon to let the apartment air out. Went on a hike...yep, I forgot my hiking shoes, but made due. Enjoyed some time chillin by the river before returning back home...looks like I need to tame my Medusa hair!

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Angela said...

Amanda~ You are so funny! Only you would have a grill in your living room and a bike in your extra shower! Love ya!