September 4, 2009

I'm not an athlete?!?!

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip over to ACE Hardware to get some PB Blaster. I had already broken two screwdrivers trying to change my cleats, so Todd our awesome mechanic gave it a try. They wouldn't off to get some thing to loosen them anyways, I go in and ask where to find the PB Blaster. This older gentleman took me back and they didn't have that brand. So he asks me what I need it for and here is how the conversation goes:

"I need it for the cleats on my bike shoes."
"I have cycling shoes that have a cleat on them that hook to a pedal on my bike. They are stuck and I need to get them off."
"You don't need those to bike. Why don't you just buy a new pair of shoes?"
"A new pair of shoes would cost a couple hundred dollars, and this bottle of lube that will fix the problem costs less than 5 bucks."
"I still don't think you need them."
"Well, if you want to, you can buy me the shoes :)"
"Nah, I won't do that just because you ride a bike does not make you an athlete." (no idea where this came from!)
"Well, I'm actually a professional athlete, and they are part of my equipment, and yes you need them to bike fast."
"You still aren't an athlete!"
"I also swim and run, I'm a triathlete."
"That still doesn't make you an athlete."
"Oh really, so you are telling me that if I end up going to the Olympics, I am not an athlete?"
"So what do I have to do to be an athlete?"
"Okay, I'm from Oklahoma, I can respect that. But I am also an athlete."
"No you aren't, have to be in the rodeo."
"If I walk in here with a gold medal from the Olympics, would I be an athlete then?"
"Well, you know, rodeo isn't even in the Olympics..."
"Don't care, you gotta win a belt buckle! And I don't see why kids get class rings when they graduate from high school. Everyone should get a belt buckle."
"Alright, we'll when I get my gold belt buckle, I'll be back in to see you."
"You really don't need those fancy shoes. Lance doesn't use them." (Ha Ha Ha!)

So yah, I guess according to some people's standards, I'm just not an athlete. Maybe he was just mad cuz he knew I was a girl and could kick his butt!!!!

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Courtenay said...

belt buckle huh. so that's what it takes. you should submit this as a suggestion on the elite-beat list!