November 24, 2008

Lucky Ducky Derby

When I was in Clearwater, Randy & I went to check out the Tampa Bay auto show to see all the new Suzuki's, we were looking forward to seeing their Kizashi Concept Car. When we were down there we stumbled across the Lucky Ducky Derby. The dumped 20,000 rubber ducks out of a cement truck and into the river. The ducks floated down and the first ones into the tunnel won. Check out the fun pictures...our family Lab Mr.Bailey would have loved this!!!

November 13, 2008


Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!!

To everyone who has supported me and helped me along my journey so far. I have had an incredible year and it would NOT be possible without you! And I'm looking forward to an even more successful 2009!

My family: I am blessed with the two greatest parents, brothers and sisters in the world! You all have encouraged me and been there for all the ups and downs...and its always nice to know that wherever I am and whatever time it is, ya'll are watching and cheering me on!!!

Randy: You have been my rock. Yes, it has been a rocky race road ths year...but you have stood by my side and helped me through all the disappointments and you even got to see a glimmer of what I've still got left to give to the sport: you saw me run like a runner in Clearwater! Thanks so much for believing in me!

Friends: To everyone who has followed my races and been there to point out the positives and just how lucky I am!

Support Crew:
George: You are the wisdom behind all my training and racing! Thanks for molding me into the athlete that I am and for believing in me too. And for always reminding me that IT IS: all about the journey, so enjoy it!

Luke: My running has come so far! And I'm excited to run even faster!!! I am definately a stronger, faster, more confident runner thanks to you :)

Traci: My muscles love you! Thanks for taking care of all the soreness, tightness, and whatever funky thing I have going on from week to week.

-OU Medical Center: You made my olympic quest possible! I was proud to represent you over the past few years and especially at the Olympic Trials.

-Schlegel Bicycles: My new TT bike fit like a glove thanks to my awesome Retul bike fit! Thanks to Steve and all the guys at the shop, I've always got all the bike equipment I need.

-Powerbar: BE GREAT! Thanks for keeping me fueled during all my workouts and especially during the races. Thanks Nicole for the homestay for the Malibu race and the tour of the Powerbar offices!

-Hed: I loved riding my new wheels in Clearwater! The zoom zoom of the disc was a sound I've always wanted to hear coming from MY bike :) It is great to race with the confidence of having the best and fastest wheels available!

-Aquaman: My speedsuit and CellGold kept me coming out of the water in front!

-Smith: You all keep me looking cool in the latest and greatest sunglasses!

70.3 World Championships

My 2008 season is officially over! And it ended on a good note :) I just got back from Clearwater, FL where the 70.3 World Championships were held. The race went awesome and I was impressed with the race organization, volunteers, spectators, and all the other competitors! Thanks for making it a wonderful experience!!!

Since this was only my second 70.3 race...I went into the race with the mind-set that it was going to be a learning experience. I definately wanted to race hard and fast...and I also wanted to enjoy it. I ended up with a top 10 finish and almost broke 4:20 with a 4:20.28. And I am fired up and ready to be stronger and go faster next year!

I arrived on Wednesday evening...with no luggage AT ALL! Although I'd flown on a direct flight that was only about 2/3 full, nothing came, and I was the ONLY person on the flight to not get their luggage. Oh well, I guess in a way it was a blessing in disguise...without my running shoes, bike, or workout clothes I couldn't be tempted to do some workouts. For the past two weeks, the muscles back of my knee had been flared up and giving me some day I could barely even walk, but with rest, rehab and ART (THANKS TONY!!!) I knew I could toe the start line if I stayed smart in the few days before the race. So no biking or running for me...until the race!

The next few days were pretty low key and I started to get excited to race. I just knew this was going to be a fun one! On race morning I woke up and was ready to go. Pre-race prep went according to plan and the women hit the water at 6:47am. The swim was okay, I didn't feel like I had my full-on swim speed but that was okay. As we rounded the bouy to head back into shore, we turned into the glaring sun...I couldn't see anything!!! I somehow managed to make it back in and up to T1. The transitions were totally new to me with the bag system that they use for full-ironmans...but it all went smoothly and I was on my bike before I knew it. I felt strong on my bike and got into a good position ready to hammer for 56miles. I was a little worried about being too close and getting a drafting penalty...I need to be better about this because looking back on the race, I think this is where I made some mistakes. Oh well, you live and you learn, and I spent 90% of the bike on my own. Before I knew it, I was back in T2 and it was time to run. I came flying out of transition and at about 1/2 mile in a looked down at my watch and was ticking off 5:42 pace...I knew I wasn't going to be holding that for 13.1 miles so I backed off and settled into my own pace. Three girls (Nina Kraft, Erika Csomor, Catriona Morrison) passed me at about 1 mile, I was very tempted to try to stay with them and let them 'carry me'...but I also wanted to run smart and not die like my first 70.3. So I kept cruising along and felt better and better as I went. I saw Mirinda Carfrae (last years World Champ) on a little out and back section and started to push the pace a little more with hopes of holding her off. Towards the end of the 1st lap I passed the 10th place runner...who hoo! I was now in the top 10. I knew I still had another lap to go, but was feeling strong and knew if I dug deep I'd be able to pull out a top 10 finish and hopefully catch a few more ladies up ahead. I ended up staying in 10th and was happy to cross the finish line! Thanks to all my competitors who pushed me to my limits out there and a huge Congrats to winner Joanna! And Mary Beth, one of my ITU travel buddies, had a superb race coming in second, you go girl!!!

Now its time for a little R&R...and no structured workouts for a few weeks...and a trip to the hot springs is planned for this weekend :)