September 18, 2009

Hangin out with the Stars of Hollywood!!!

Last weekend...I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Malibu and brushing arms with the my primary reason to be there was to race! but on Sunday when Mr AC Slater showed up in Transition, I must admit, I was 'star-struck'...good thing my key race was on Saturday! But before I get to the juicy details of my time with him...A huge thank you to my AWESOME homestay: Craig and Laurie!!! You guys were great, thanks for your hospitality and all the fun...can't wait to come back in a few weeks for the LA Tri!

Race day was fun! A dark, early morning always gets me excited (I'm not always happy about he 4:30am wake up calls...but what can ya do?) After warming up and getting transition ready, we headed down to the start. The water was a bit choppy, which I was happy about! The gun sounded and we were off...unfortunately I got pummeled by a few waves and lost about 20 seconds getting to the first buoy! That only meant one thing, it was time to put my head down and GO! I swam my way back up to the front and exited in a good position. Then it was out on the bike. The course is deceivingly tough with a bit of wind and rolling hills. I came into T2 in 3rd and stayed there through the whole run. So I ended up on the podium...along with a great field, congrats to them: 1st-Laura Bennett, 2nd-Becky Lavelle, 4th-Alica Kaye, and 5th Taki.

So after the was time for some fun. I got a tour of Hollywood and then off to the best sushi place in LA: K-ZO! Yum yum yum! And the best part was that Kari, one of my fellow TCU swimming alumni, and roommates knew i was in LA (thanks to Twitter!) and joined us for dinner. She brought along photo albums from all four years at TCU...I laughed so HARD! Good ole memories :) And after looking at all those pictures, we totally forgot to take one that night!!!

Then Sunday, it was back to Zuma Beach, for the celebrity and sprint triathlons! I was honored to be on a relay team with Sam Rubin (a local newscaster) and Avi. We had a blast...and it was cool to know that the event raised over $1million for Children's Hospital! Since I'm not a big TV watcher...I will admit, I didn't know a lot of the celebrities there...but I did know Mario Lopez aka AC Slater. Oh, I don't know how many days my sisters and I rushed home from school to catch 'Saved by the Bell' before heading off to swim practice, seems like we could never get enough of the gang!! Anyways, I swam on my relay, so I was standing next to his bike, when he cruised into transition and spent about 10min there...had to dry off, change clothes, tie up his shoes, and even dig in his gym bag to pull out a comb to fix his hair! His entourage was blocking the paparazzi...But, since I was in transition, I figured, what the heck, I'm gonna go get a picture with him. So I sat down next to him, asked him how his swim went, and wished him good luck out on the bike...and somewhere in there he called me 'Honey'!!! Yes, that is right, AC Slater himself called me Honey :) I also got a pic with Alan off of Two and 1/2 Men...then lots of snapshots of the others racing: Teri Hatcher, Cold Case guys, Jermey Piven, the producer of LOST, plus lots of big wigs from the studios! Had tons of fun...and can't wait to go back again next year!!!


Angela said...

Hollywood is calling your name.
I can see your name in lights now!

Nicole said...

I remember Sam Rubin (I grew up in California)! Haha. And I LOVE Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). You need to watch Entourage if you don't already. Good stuff.

Brent Poulsen said...

when are u coming south? Congrat's Ac is sort of a big deal!