October 23, 2008

Kissing Camels

Last wednesday I rolled out of bed WAY earlier than usual...for those of you familiar with my schedule, I usually get up around 10am. But last week, I was on a mission to get some cool pictures at Garden of the Gods. Luckily, Randy had heard some photographers talking about when/where to get the best shots of the kissing camels and full moon. We weren't sure exactly what to expect, but I guess this only happens twice a year. We showed up a bit early, it was still DARK out! As we watched the moon set, photographers started to show up, sweet, we must be in the right spot. Then as the sun provided some light...it became apparent as to why we were there. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, ENJOY :)

(click on the picture to enlarge)

October 22, 2008

The first snow of 2008!

OMG! It snowed last night and this morning...I can't believe it! I just about froze to death during my run last night. I was running at a track up on top of a hill, where there was absolutely no wind protection. Early in the afternoon, it was decently warm and sunny...but while I was a the track the winds were a changin'. There were storms rolling over the mountains and I saw some good lightening as the temps dropped and the winds got gusty. I was laughing at my lap splits, because depending on when the gusts would hit me...either in the face and I was running into a wall or in the back and I had to get my legs moving in order to not fall on my face...my splits were up to 20sec different! A good workout to toughen me up! So then as I was driving home the rain started...then I look out the window, is that snow? NO! I refused to believe it, until it really started coming down and I looked out and all the cars were covered in white. Needless to say, today's bike was on the trainer, but I actually managed to run outside, brrrrr! Its supposed to clear up and be nice for the rest of the week and weekend, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

October 8, 2008

Cripple Creek

This weekend Randy and I headed up to Cripple Creek to get some pictures of the changing leaves. I took over 200 pictures, just hoping to get a few that looked good. Most of them I took from the car while driving, because the few times we pulled over and go out, we almost froze to death! And you could just feel the change in the air that winter is on the way...

This one's my favorite!

After the drive we stopped in our favorite casino in Cripple Creek, the Double Eagle...and for some reason the slot machines were NOT loving either one of us! Maybe next time :)


Last night I got to experience the Jack Quinn's run for the first time. They actually had a field trip to Boulder Running Company for the Powerbar event I was part of, so not quite the real thing...but oh well, it was still fun and I got to meet a lot of the crew and runners. Jack Quinn's is a running club that runs every Tuesday in downtown Colorado Springs. Tons of people show up, like last week when they had 761 runners to set a new club record! After you have participated in 10 runs you become 'shirted' and earn a Jack Quinn's running shirt, pretty cool! And lucky me, I became an honorary member and got my shirt last night :)
The event was hosted by POWERBAR. Josh Cox, a pro marathoner, and myself were the Powerbar athletes. So we got to pass out GelBlasts before the run, then we ran with the group, then there was a Q&A session, followed by autographs and talking. I was amazed out how many people were out to run and it is exciting to see so many people involved in activities like this! Such a cool group!

October 3, 2008

FALL in Colorado

The weather has been absolutely amazing here the past week! Hopefully it will stay around until early November...knock on wood. I was able to swim outside earlier this week, which I just loved...not too much to complain about when you can swim outside in October in Colorado without freezing. And then yesterday I went up to Rampart Range to run and the changing of the trees was incredible. I have never seen such a thing, the colors were so bright and brilliant that I felt like I was driving through a Kodak picture book. Randy and I are planning on heading to the Cripple Creek area to get some good pictures this weekend...so hopefully I'll be able to post them soon. Have a great weekend!