April 19, 2011


While in South Africa, Randy and I visited a Lion Park. It was amazing to see these huge animals in their natural environment. They were pretty much laying around being lazy in the afternoon sun, however Randy coaxed one to stand up. While he was doing that, I was on the other side of the park befriending a female lion. All but one of the females were hiding back in some shade, but there was one off to the side, right in front of the electrical wire separating us. I decided to lay down on the ground directly in front of her to get a good pic. Now remember, this was the day after Ironman....so my legs were not working properly... Anyways, I am looking this lion straight in the eye, thinking, "Wow, this is awesome!" Then I decide since she's being so friendly, maybe I could get her to stand up for me. As I'm talking to her, I noticed she tucked her hind legs up behind her. Sweet, she's gonna stand up! Then before I knew it, she was lunging straight towards me! I have never been so scared in my life!!!! I was scrambling all around since the electircal wire had become invisible to my eyes...and I couldn't manage to stand up on my legs because they hurt so bad. I am sure it was quite the site, hopefully Miss Lion got a good laugh out of it. I quickly got over my fear and within 20min, Randy and I were in with the 1yr old Lion Cubs!!! We got to pet them and see them up close and personal. They didn't seem too interested in us though! What an awesome adventure!!!

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