April 9, 2011

The Bike...

For those of you wondering, here it is!  My pride and joy and  my best friend for 1/3 of the race: MY BIKE!!
This year I am riding the wonderful BLUE Triad SL!  Blue improved the aerodynamics with the utilization of SFT2 tube shapes, added a new front end design, and helped improve my time on the biking portion of the race!  I can't wait to see how this baby performs in Ironman South Africa, which is only 15 hours away!  Better go get ready!
Interested in more BLUE bikes?  http://www.rideblue.com/index.php

1 comment:

Bre said...

looks like the bike is ready to go as fast as you are! Can't wait to "watch & cheer" via twitter & race site updates! race fast, have fun (well as much as one can during an IM) and enjoy the opportunity to race in South Africa!!