December 10, 2010

Corpus Christi Training Camp

Freddy & Dorian
Before I get into all the awesome details about my Corpus Christi Training Camp, HUGE shout outs to...
-Freddy & Dorian: You all were fantastic.  You spoiled me rotten and I can't wait to come back again! 
-Jon: My Lifesport teammate and the best training partner, thanks for suffering with me!
-Jason and his grandparents:  Thanks for taking me in.  I miss y'all already!
-Bay Area Bicycles: Thanks to Tom, Junior and the rest of my crew for keeping my bike running smooth and race ready!
-Giancarlo and Dr. Erik: Thanks for looking out for me and getting me well quickly!
-Randy: my wonderful husband for letting me 'skip town' for 51days to train, love you!

Jon, my lifesport teammate
So the biggest question you probably have is: Why did you go to Corpus to train?  Well, being the nerd that I am, I did a weather and terrain 'study' and Corpus was the most similar place I could find in the US to Cozumel (that I could afford.) When my good friend Jason moved down there in Septemeber, he told me, "It's so hot out that I can't run" I was like, perfect, sign me up!  I headed down to the hot, humid, flat, windy city of Corpus in mid-October.  Wow, what a rude awakening those first few training days were, I though I was going to die!  Corpus definitely lived up to its reputation of being hot and humid.  Jon and I also quickly learned about the WIND.  The wind humbled us on a several rides...but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right? 

I will admit, I was a little skeptical before heading down South.  You never know what you are going to get in a new training environment.  After a few days there, I knew I'd made the right choice.  The local triathlon community took me in and took care of me.  After 'house/dog-sitting' for Jason's Grandparents in Padre, we moved to an ocean side condo.  Sweetness!  Everyone that I came in contact with was so welcoming and hospitable, such a refreshing feeling.

As for was perfect.  I was happy a a kid in a candy store because I got to swim outside everyday.  Either open water in the ocean, in the canals, or at Collier pool.  Biking was flat and windy.  Most of the roads have texas sized shoulders so we covered lots of miles in Padre, Port Aransas, Portland, and Corpus.  The bulk of my running was done along Ocean Blvd with its spectacular views.  Recovery meant lots of stretching, to the sound of crashing waves, and ice baths.  Lots of trips to the Ice House to get pounds and pounds of ice.

This was my first time to escape the cold fall weather and I totally loved the hot weather and the sunshine.  I kinda laughed the first time a 'cold front' came through and dropped the temps into the upper 60s and everyone pulled out their winter coats.  Are you serious?  I'll admit though, after being there for a few weeks and 60 did feel cold.  I was so worried about coming back to Colorado, I just knew I was going to freeze to death.  At least I've been lucky and the weather has been pretty mild since I've been back. 

While I was down there KRISTv did a news segment featuring me and the local newspaper did an article too.  THANK YOU!  Check them out:
KRISTV 10 o'clock news (longer segment)
KRISTV 6 o'clock news

Caller Times Article
Hope to be back training in Corpus sometime soon!

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