December 21, 2010

Amanda's Top 5

Holiday procrastination?  Haven't finished (or even started!) your Christmas shoppping?  Usually, that is me running around in the holiday madness trying to find gifts at the last minute, so I thought I'd help out...

Amanda's Top 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas!

1.  Looking for quality earphones that don't fall out?  You need Yurbuds.  The best sport earphones ever (trust me I've been through alot of em).  Custom fit earbuds that don't fall out and are actually comfortable.  Plus they are sweatproof and sound great, you can totally blare your workout music! 
-Where to get them: In store at BestBuy or online at Amazon and Yurbuds

2.  Want to show up at the pool with the coolest suit ever? Check out TYR's  suit ever with skulls in disguise.  I also have to mention TYR's awesome new  Convoy Bag Collection. My favorite is the Convoy Rucksak: perfect for a transition bag and stuffs into itself for easy travel. 

3.  Need some yummy and healthy food?  Check out the gift boxes at Ranch Foods Direct.  My favorite is the New York Strip, delicious!  True story: after eating these, Randy and I stopped in a steakhouse on the drive home for the holidays and were so disappointed.  I couldn't even finish my steak and that's a first!

4.  Want to go all out and get a new bike plus time in the wind tunnel?  Then head to Blue's website and they will get you hooked up.   And you'll definitely want to be comfy in the saddle, so go ahead and throw in an ISM saddle too. 

5.  Already looking ahead to your new year's resolutions and goals?  Best thing to get you on the right track is a great coach at Lifesport! 

If you have additional ideas for gifts...let me know!

Happy Shopping,
amanda :)

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