August 19, 2010


On today's ride, I saw a cyclist slam into a car!  I'm not exactly sure what happened, I think the car just stopped suddenly in the middle of the road and the cyclist had no where to go but into the backend.  The cyclist ended up being okay, his ribs were killing him, so maybe a fracture there.  His bike on the other hand, not so good.  The top tube was completely severed from the headtube and the fork was crumbled!  I've never seen anything like it.  The rest of my ride I was hyper-sensitive to the cars and traffic.  Do you know how many people I saw gabbing on the phone, not even paying attention to traffic, let alone someone on a bike, and a few people texting or messing with gadgets.  People when you drive, drive!  And for those of you out there on your bikes, ride safe and ride on the defensive.

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