August 9, 2010

Penticton Training Camp

Hmmm, it's Randy and I's one-month anniversary....what shall I do?  I think I'll head up to Canada for a few weeks!  Okay, not exactly the best scenario but that is what happened.  I needed to go to training camp for my first round of hard-core training since surgery.  Lance promised me some 'ugly-fun' in Penticton before I left, and well, he sure did deliver!  I absolutely loved every minute of it though, I was back in training heaven.  Not to mention, Penticton is a great little Ironman town and a fun place to train.  I was there with three other Lifesport Athletes and our schedule was basically eat, train, nap, eat, train, train, eat, eat, eat, sleep.  I did my largest bike and run volume weeks ever, who-hooo.  Got to check out the IM Canada bike course, twice, and also run along some really spectacular trails.  All of our swims were open water in a clear (and on one occasion extremely COLD lake)  Made me totally wish I was doing IM Canada....but I'm still coming back from surgery and need to listen to my body and be smart, there is always 2011 though!

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