April 23, 2010

My new BLUE Machine!

I'm sitting here chillin' out at the SEA-TAC airport (yeah free wi-fi), headed down to Galveston to kick off my 2010 season.  Once again have my wheel bag (loaded up with a speedy set of Zipps) and have been getting all sorts of weird looks as people try to figure out what I'm carrying...have been asked if they were large cymbals and even if it was a super-sized Frisbee!

My super wheels belong to my NEW racing machine ...a BLUE Triad!!!

I got the bike just before heading up to Canada for my training camp, so it's only been ridden in Canada...time for some riding in the USA! Many thanks to the crews at CS Bikes in Colorado Springs and the Trek Bike Shop in Victoria for getting me set up and dialed in...I am feeling FAST!!!  And of course, thanks to Blue and Chance for making me part of the Blue Family.  Can't wait to represent ya!

Check out this weekends race at Ironman.com and look for me and my BLUE!

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