December 18, 2009


Yippee--My brand new STEVENS bike arrived late last week, I rushed it down to Old Town where Brian built it up for me, then it was up to the Denver Retul Studio yesterday for the best bike fit in the world. I had a great time working with Todd Carver and the group of trainees he was teaching to use the Retul system. Retul is so amazing because you get your bike fit to your body size/type, while you are riding! They use motion capture technology to take quick precise measurements to get you dialed in to the best position for you. Love it, thanks guys!!!

So why am I so excited about getting another bike? Well, my VOLT is not just "another bike", it is a high-end, first-class time trial and triathlon racing machine!!!! Super light, aerodynamic (front and back brakes are hidden in frame), internal cable wiring...what more could a girl ask for?! Now that my new VOLT is ready to fly, that means it's time for me to get my booty whipped back into shape, fun fun. And I think the weather will be nice enough tomorrow for my "maiden journey", an easy aerobic 3hr ride with a high of 45F predicted and sunny.

Thanks to everyone who made my early Christmas possible!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That bike looks soo much better fit! wow!