April 26, 2009

Hot Springs, I love em!

Randy and I have been in tour guide mode for the past few days. His sister, Jodi, came to visit and we have been trying to show her as much of Colorado as we could. Yesterday while I worked out, they did stuff in Colorado Springs: Garden of the Gods, Cave of the Winds, Manitou, Old Colorado City, Gold Camp, Helen Hunt Falls, and Cheyenne Canyon. Then we hopped in the car and made the trek down to the Royal Gorge. We finally finished the day by arriving at Nathrop, home of the Mt Princeton Hot Springs. Today, I got up and had an amazing run up into the mountains. I saw over 100 deer along the way, most were in groups of 20 or so and were standing just feet away from where I ran! And I even got to run through some snow and up some very challenging inclines…but I knew I had a reward waiting for me: the hot springs!!! And, oh what a super reward they were! I think that is one of my favorite places to go chill out and relax. Randy and Jodi both ended up getting fried, they are so RED!!! Since they were burnt so badly, we headed out early afternoon and decided to drive up through South Park and Breckenridge. I’d never been to South Park before and was treated to a picture with Mr. Hanky :) We made a stop at Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs…the best pizza ever! And then spent a few dollars in Blackhawk before heading back home. Whew, that was one busy weekend! Now, its time to get packed up for my trip to South Korea.

Randy and Jodi Chillin Out...and getting fried!

The awesome road I ran down...up into the mountains!

Time to play...notice my fun SPLISH suit!

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You really need to update this thing! Hope all is good!! Take care, Bree