April 7, 2009


Wow--I knew I hadn't blogged in awhile...but didn't realize it had been since February! So much has happened! And, now I'm on crutches for the first time in my life. (Hopefully not for long!) I raced at the New Orleans 70.3 race this weekend and sliced my foot coming out of the water. I went ahead and finished the race and finally got a peek at the damage following the race. The good news: it's not infected! The not so good news: I can't put any pressure on my foot or get in the water to swim. The gash is about 3 inches long and is pretty deep considering there isn't much tissue on the bottom of your foot...its cut down to the muscle, so that is why I have to stay off of it! Maybe with my reduced training load I'll be able to do some 'catching up' on my blog :)

Other than the foot, New Orleans was awesome! The race was tougher than expected...yes, it was WINDY! The race organizers and volunteers did a fantastic job and it was so much fun to hobble down Decatur St in the French Quarter to cross the finish line in front of Jackson Square! After the race, I was able to enjoy some New Orleans cuisine. I had etouffe for the first time, YUM!!!, and jambalaya, and red bean and rice. We also made a stop at Cafe de Monde...the well-known French coffee and beignet house. The beignets were a mix of funnel cake, donuts, and powedered sugar...delicious! What a treat! After the sugar high, I crashed for the night and woke up still starving, so we headed to Camellia Grill for some chili covered omlettes! YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

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Shawn and Tracy said...

Sorry to hear about your foot :-( You are so tough to finish out the race anyways. Nice work that was a crazy field!