October 22, 2008

The first snow of 2008!

OMG! It snowed last night and this morning...I can't believe it! I just about froze to death during my run last night. I was running at a track up on top of a hill, where there was absolutely no wind protection. Early in the afternoon, it was decently warm and sunny...but while I was a the track the winds were a changin'. There were storms rolling over the mountains and I saw some good lightening as the temps dropped and the winds got gusty. I was laughing at my lap splits, because depending on when the gusts would hit me...either in the face and I was running into a wall or in the back and I had to get my legs moving in order to not fall on my face...my splits were up to 20sec different! A good workout to toughen me up! So then as I was driving home the rain started...then I look out the window, is that snow? NO! I refused to believe it, until it really started coming down and I looked out and all the cars were covered in white. Needless to say, today's bike was on the trainer, but I actually managed to run outside, brrrrr! Its supposed to clear up and be nice for the rest of the week and weekend, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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