July 8, 2011

Contest Winner!

Francisco will be receiving a PowerBar Prize Pack from my sponsor PowerBar!

We loved your story because it is very inspiring and shows that anyone at any age level can start
something new. We also thought it was very cool that you use your time and energy to help other people
in the sport now too. Rock on Francisco!! Impossible is nothing!

Here is Francisco's story:

Francisco Villegas..Marathoner/Triathlete said...

My very first Triathlon was way back in July of 2007, and OMG what a sight it was, what an overwhelming feeling it was to be a part of such event. It all started a few months back while I was sitting on the hot tub over at the gym I used to go....Well one night I was watching the Master Swim class doing their thing and it hit me " I should learn how to swim well" so I approached the instructor and he just said " Sign up for a sprint Triathlon so you can have something to look forward to" That same night I went home and signed up for the NJ state Triathlon. I had 4 months to learn the basics of lake swimming, and also to sharpen my swimming skills so I joined the master's class. The day of the Tri came and I had probably the best time of my life and the scariest to say the least but I did it and I accomplished something no one in my family ever even dream of. Nowadays I'm still the same guy who has run 16 road races, done quite a few Tri's but I dedicate myself to help others onto the sport.

Special thanks to everyone who participated, keep an eye out for the next contest! :)

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