February 23, 2011

Adventure: Costa Rica

What a great way to kick off my 2011 season: Costa Rica style! After being stuck in the cold and snow all winter, it was great to step off the airplane in Costa Rica and feel the heat! As I made my way out of customs, I was greeted by the Rev3 Media Crew. I hung out with them for a bit and then watched them do the paparazzi thing when Matt Reed arrived. We were then shuttled to the Casa de Golf, where several pros were staying. A few others were staying on the same 'plantation' in condo/villas. Basically, our 'Casa' was a mix between a house and a hotel. We each had our individual rooms then there was a common area with TV/computer, a dining area/kitchen (although nothing worked except the microwave), and our very own pool!  A great way to hang out with the other pros.

On Friday we headed over to the race site and got the first look at how tough the course was going to be. There was a huge climb coming out of transition with some steep grades of 8-12%, a speedy decent, and then another bit of a climb out of the resort. Once out of the resort we had two loops on the bike then back up and over the climbs into transition. The run was going to be a two loop run, more like an off-road course: beach, dirt road, hills, golf course, you name it. And to top it all off--it was HOT!

I did some tune up workouts with Kate and then had a Pro Panel and Athlete Meeting. Saturday was a low-key day.  Some of us headed to the beach to get an open water swim in.  The shuttle dropped us off and we swam one direction down the beach, then got out and walked back along the beach looking for shells.  Bree's
collection was much bigger than
mine...Then, our shuttle never showed up to pick us back up.  After sitting around for a bit, we decided to start making the trek back home.  Luckily the shortcut we took dumped us out on a road and wahla, out of nowhere our shuttle driver appeared! Sunday was race day! (more about that in my race report, coming soon)

Then after the race we hung out, did a little shopping (at these booths right on the beach were we swam and ran during the race), then headed back to the Casa.  I stretched out by the pool with a good book in hand: The Lincoln Lawyer.  I hear the movie will be out soon :) We were somewhat 'stuck' at our Casa on Sunday night, so I got creative and made microwave pancakes for everyone. Yep, you read that right, pancakes made in the microwave. They ended up tasting decent and were the perfect compliment to our chick flick: 27 Dresses (Randy I know how much you would have loved to have watched that one again!!)
Our Monday adventure started early, 4am. We were supposed to have a shuttle to the airport that was 1:20 away. Due to some confusion and logistical obstacles, we did not secure a shuttle until 5:30. Bree had a 6:50 flight...but we were optimistic we would get her there in time. We told our driver, "muy rapido" and let's just say he obeyed. We were flying down these dirt roads, going off-road a bit, passing cars with on-coming traffic flying straight at us. We were scared for our lifes! Bree and I were white knuckling our seat handles. Got some good video....but doesn't do the situation justice!!!

Unfortunately, Bree missed her flight...but we made it alive. I ended up flying all day long and was so excited to touch down in Colorado Springs. I was even more excited to find my husband waiting for me at the airport with my own personalized sign! Until the next adventure....

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Kelly said...

awesome sign randy! we missed you in CR; specifically, derick. he wanted to talk about motorcycles and drink beer. san juan? take care amanda & see you soon!