September 22, 2010


Randy and I just got back from quick but FUN trip to Cancun!  We flew out on Friday and arrived to the hot and sticky weather of beautiful Cancun.  We got checked into our hotel, the all inclusive Royal Solaris, and then jumped right into race stuff...packet pickup, driving the course, building my bike, getting a few workouts in...   Randy enjoyed the delicious foods, while I would vicariously taste everything he tried while I munched on bland (non stomach irritating!) rice, pasta, and bread.  But don't worry...after the race, I ate like a champ and tried everything!!!  We didn't have alot of time to hang out, since this was a "business trip" afterall!  Post-race we headed down to the beach and wouldn't ya know...the storms rolled in...those darn hurricane rains sure do seem to be following us this year!  It cleared up a bit and we couldn't help but jump in the ocean and play in the waves, such a good time!  Then on Monday before heading to the airport we decided to drive downtown in search of the plaza market.  Well, we never actually found the market but did have a bit of an adventure...Randy was driving and I was navigating and I told him to take a left and before we know it we are in the middle of a riot/demonstration traffic jam!  We look to our left and there are the local police in the back of a truck with thier humongous guns up and ready!  Then some motorcycle cops go whizzing by us on the sidewalk.  Thank goodness we only had to go about a block (at snails pace of course!) before we were able to turn off and get out of there.  Such a relief to make it to the airport in one piece :)  

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