July 16, 2010


Wow!  What a time we've had the last few weeks!!! Randy and I got married in Cozumel on June 26th!  We had about 30 family and friends down there with us to celebrate all week long.  Then, we were in Colorado Springs for less than 36hrs before heading to Oklahoma for a reception over July 4th weekend.  It was so awesome to see so many people in Bricktown and to be able to share our special day with family and friends.  Its been a bit of a whirlwind since being home...hopefully I'll get my blog updated with all of our adventures!  But most importantly, I wanted to post some wedding pictures.  Yep, they've been a long time coming...but with over 3,000 digital photos to sort through, its been a bit overwhelming to say the least.  We had an awesome photographer in Cozumel, and we just got our 'official' wedding photos from her: yeah, the pics are great!

Our wedding ceremony ended up being perfect...mainly because I had my perfect guy standing at the end of the aisle...and because we got to say 'I do' to each other...ya got me for a LIFETIME baby!!  About an hour before our ceremony, the rain became a torrential downpour!  Hurricane Alex was named a tropical storm...and it looked like we were going to be doing option 'B' for the wedding.  Option 'A' was down on the beach right at the ocean's edge...but there was no way that was happening.  Especially with the dark sky and sheets of rain.  However, option 'B' turned out to be perfect for us.  We were under a thatched hut that sat up above the ocean...you could look out and see the ocean through the storm and could hear the waves crashing up on the beach.  Tati, our photographer, has been photographing weddings in Cozumel and never had it rain during a wedding ceremony, let alone POUR down rain.  We figured it would wor for us, after all I basically grew up in a pool and love being wet, so why not on our wedding day too???  And most importantly, we were more than happy to be getting married!!!!  After the ceremony we took some pics in the lobby and then had our reception dinner.  It was on a covered patio out on the beach and the food was delicious...followed that up with some dancing and fun!  What a GREAT night!!!!

Enjoy the pics!  First up, Randy and Amanda pics...but don't worry, more to come!!!

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