May 19, 2010

Free Speed

On Monday, I headed to the A2 wind tunnel in Charlotte, NC with Chance from Blue Bikes and my Lifesport teammate Magali.  It was so awesome!  Chance picked us up from the airport in the BlueMobile and we headed straight to the wind tunnel.  We worked with Mike Giraud, who was amazing!  Never knew there was so much to consider when it comes to aerodynamics.  Magali got in the wind tunnel first and she ended up saving 15-25watts, wow!  Next it was my turn, so we got set my Triad up on the platform and I did a bit of a spin to warm-up.  Before each run we had to "hold still for a zero" which meant no moving...amazing how long 15sec can seem when you are alone in a wind tunnel and told not to move.  Then after the zeroing the wind would start coming and I would start pedaling and Mike would get all sorts of measurements.  Most of the runs we did at a zero degree yaw angle...but a few were at 10 and 20 degrees...dude the wind was crazy!  I knew I was locked in on my bike but still felt like I was gonna get blown off.  After each run Mike would analyze the data and then work some magic and make some changes.  At the end of the day we found me almost 3min of time over a half IM about some FREE SPEED, I love it!

Thanks to Blue for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Chance and Mike for making me faster!

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