October 29, 2009

Camp Canada!

WOW---hard to believe I've been up in Victoria for Camp Canada for 10 days already! Amazing how much I've accomplished and that I also survived the swine flu. Can't be 100% sure that is what I had...but whatever I had was not fun. I mean I usually get a cold/flu at some point during the year, and while its never fun to be sick, this took sickness to a new level. The good part, I'm almost back to 100%, just a bit of a lingering cough and fatigue left. Mags, my training partner in crime, was also sick...so we've been hacking up a lung together during our workouts. And coach Lance has miraculously not gotten sick (knock on wood for him!) as he's been there for almost all of our workouts, helping to push us to the next level! Thanks Lance!!!

My homestay, John and Madeleine, are wonderful! They have a beautiful place and have been so kind to open it up to me for 3 whole weeks! They are such wonderful people that have had some amazing adventures that I love hearing about. John has taken me on a few rides and Madeleine has kept me well-fueled with delicious meals. Thanks so much!!!

The weather here has been pretty good. Mainly in the 50s with some rain here and there...but I'll take that over the reports I'm getting from Colorado. Lots of snow and ice and its COLD, COLD, COLD!!! Brrrr....

About to do some self torturing massage and stretching then get a good nights sleep to gear up for another big weekend. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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