February 23, 2009

Smoke in the Kitchen!

So I woke up not too long ago and was feeling the effects of my long weekend of training (it was actually my longest ever, yeah, go me!)...felt a little groggy and still not totally awake. I open up the refrigerator and it is empty...go to the pantry, nothing looks good...looks like I'll be making a trip to the grocery store today! Anyways, I am not a big oatmeal eater, but always have some on hand. So I put the instant oatmeal packets in a bowl and measure out the water. I decide to start stretching, then half way through I'll put it in the microwave so it'll be nice and hot when I'm ready to eat it. I start stretching, which feels so good on my tired muscles. Then I absent mindedly walk over and throw the bowl in the microwave, hit start, and return to my stretching. About 1min later, I smell something funky and wonder, what in the world is that??? but keep on stretching. Then I look towards the kitchen and see the smoke coming out of the microwave!!!! And the smell is growing worse! I fling open the microwave and my oatmeal is smoking, black, and totally charred...looks like I forgot to add the water :) At least I got it under control before any of the fire alarms went off....now I've really got to get to the grocery store!

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