January 27, 2009

Swim around the Peninsula

When we were up on the top of the Volcano peering over the edge, you could see the peninsula part of Pucon (the hilly part of the run course) sticking out in the Lake. Oscar told us that last year he swam around it…a little 6K jaunt. Ana and I decided we’d do it the following day before flying home.

We went down to the beach around 8:00am…and since all the Chileans were still sound asleep, there was not a sole around. No one was on the beach or water! And the lake was smooth as glass! The lake was probably 68-70 and the perfect temperature for me and my Aquaman. The water in the lake is the run-off from the Volcano and it is crystal clear. The views were incredible. As we rouned the end of the peninsula we were headed straight towards the Volcano! Breath-taking!!!! We finished the 6K swim in just under 1:30. And then it was just a short walk back to the hotel! I ran back to my hotel and hopped on my bike for one last ride…well, at least until next year!

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