December 3, 2008

My Hair is ALL GONE!!!

Well, I took the plunge and chopped off all my hair! I know, crazy!!! Those of you that have know me my whole life, know that I have ALWAYS had long hair. As a kid I wanted to grow it all the way down to my feet...that never quite happened but it has stayed long all of these years. I decided to grow it out for Locks of Love in March and have been working hard ever since :) I went in to have them check to see if it was long enough last week, and they said yes, looks like you have 10inches. I made sure they knew it HAD to still go into a ponytail and they assured me it would. So they chopped it off! I must admit that I almost had a heart attack when the scissors made the first big snip and then again when I realized all of my hair was gone! What had I done??? I also found out that it doesn't quite go into a ponytail...only the top half fits and its so short! I am finally starting to get used to it and actually figured out one advantage to the short hair today when I went to swim: my swim cap ripped and I had to swim hair stayed out of my face for the most part and didn't weigh 10 tons, so it was all good. Alrighty, I'm outta here, have a great one!

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Nicole said...

It looks super cute!