September 25, 2008

Drug Testing, Gotta Love IT!

My most favoritest person in the whole world woke me up bright and early yeasterday morning...I actually think it was still a bit dark outside...Chris with USADA. And since I have the shyest bladder in the entire world, I must say, I think I'm her favorite athlete too :) Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that we have random drug tests, but I would much rather them take all of my blood rather than having to pee in front of someone. I've actually been gradually getting better and had set PRs for each of my last 5-6 tests...that was until after the Boulder Peak Tri, where they were able to break down the entire transition area and clean up everything and I still hadn't produced my 85ml...not to mention I missed my flight home to Oklahoma. So with that step back, I thought I could get back on board, but no such luck. I spent about 3hr with Chris yesterday. I just look forward to the day I can post a USADA test time that is faster than my Olympic distance tri time, sub 2:00 would be awesome! And then maybe someday I can even think about being able to pee on demand :)

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