August 8, 2008

Racers Against Childhood Cancer

Dear family and friends,

Our 24 Hours of Triathlon Team, Team Powerbar/TriOkies, is taking on the 24 Hour challenge again this year! This event is held in Aurora, Colorado August 30th-31st, and is a contest of fight, will, and survival for 24 hrs. as each team tries to complete as many 1/10 Ironman distance loops as possible. A.24 mile swim, 11.2 mile bike, and a 2.6 mile run complete one loop. Last year we competed in this event and actually held the world record for about 2mins, before being passed with just 21 seconds to go: the clock said 23 hours, 59 minutes and 39 seconds. This was hard for us to deal with all year long. We are shooting for the world record again this year so watch out!!!!!!!!!

This year we are also raising money to Help Defeat Childhood Cancer as part of RACC: Racers Against Childhood Cancer. We wanted the opportunity to make this event something special for Kid's with Cancer. Our fight and will to survive for a 24 hr. Triathlon is nothing compared to the fight, will, and drive of these incredible kid's who have cancer. Childhood Cancer kills more children than all other diseases combined and one out of every 330 children will develop Cancer before they are 20 yrs. old.

Please help us is fighting this horrible disease while we compete on August 30th. Donating to the effort is easy and would be greatly appreciated. Not only is my Team competing on August 30th but we are also competing to be the # 1 fund raising team for the event. Our fundraising goal is $5000 or more!

Last year my team (myself, Randy Sadler, & Luke Hooper) covered 327.6 miles. This year we hope to break 350 miles!!!! To donate just visit my personal web site page by clicking here: donations are Tax Deductible. If you would like to donate based on goal mileage, use 350 X (your donation) ...... $0.01 per mile would equal $3.50 total donation. Any donation is great, you do not have to meet the status they have set, donations under $25.00 are perfectly fine!!! Any donation is appreciated, every $1 helps in the fight against cancer.

Please pass this on to others who might be intersted.

Thanks for your help and please cheer us on!!!
Train hard and fast!
Amanda and the Team :)

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