July 16, 2008

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

So I was getting ready to head out for my run yesterday, when Randy's mom called. She wanted to let me know about the breaking news: An African Lion was loose in Colorado Springs!!! I checked out the local news website, and sure enough, local authorities were on a lion hunt east of town. Reports indicated there was a single paw print and 2 residents of the area saw it chasing dogs. I decided to go ahead and run, since it was so far east of town and the lion would surely be caught before winding its way through traffic to the trail I was running on. But the imagination sure does its job in these situations...every rustle in the bush and i would get a pump of adrenaline and my 'fight or flight' system was ready! Luckily, no lions found me on my run...and no lions were found period. Oh well, added some excitement to the day.

I've been wanting to see a bear...not have to confront one face to face, but just see one :) There have been several athletes spotted them on training rides and runs and one of my friends even ran smack into one as he was descending Cheyenne Cannon! I guess with the hot dry conditions are causing the bears to move into populated areas in search of food. Hopefully, I don't turn out to be the delicious meal they are looking for! Well, I haven't had much luck in the bear spotting department...but a bear made the news today! One broke into a Circuit City about 5 miles from my apartment, craziness! I guess it had been camped out in a tree by Fazoli's and authorities shot water at it to scare it into a wooded area nearby. Well, the water go the bear moving...however, he wasn't quite ready to return to normal life and decided he needed a few cool electronic gadgets to take with him! Maybe now, when I spot my bear, he'll be jammin out to his ipod.

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